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Hyaluronic serum Beauty Drops
Hyaluronic serum Beauty Drops

Hyaluronic serum Beauty Drops

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Beauty Drops provides the weak skin with water, increases moisture index. It absorbs tightly into the skin and keeps skin moist without oiliness. 
5-free formula enriched with pearl extract, edelweiss extract, Lilium Candidum Flower extract, allantoin. 

Intensive Moisturizing + Vitalization!
Beauty Drop fills the weak skin with water and elasticity draws moisture left on the surface of skin and increases moisture index.

Skin full of elasticity with moisturizing from moisture magnet of hyaluronic acid.
Transparent and resilient content of concentrated hyaluronic acid is absorbed tightly into the skin, and after absorption, it shows water gloss effect with fullness of elasticity.

Application of 5-free mild formula without irritation 
As it applies 5-free (phenoxyethanol, parabens, triehtanolamine, Benzophenone, Tar color) formula suitable for sensitive skin, it keeps the skin moist without oiliness.
Moist ampoule providing intensive moixturizing care to dry and rough skin.

Hyaluronic acid contained in a prodcut fills skin textures tightly with moisture, and pearl extract, edelweiss extract and Lilium Candidum Flower extract contained in a product provide only moistness to the skin without stickiness.


Brightening Effect 
- About 20 minerals and various bioactive substances helps to keep the skin clear and transparent. Cleansing Effect 
- It removes bodily wastes, germs, makeup residues, etc. on the skin cleanly. 
- It stimulates nerves and blood vessels distributed in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues of skin and promotes blood circulation, so it helps to keep the skin healthy. 
Scrubbing Effect 
- It removes damaged dead skin cells by scrubbing activity, so it helps to prevent the horny layer from thickening and to promote skin turn-off activity.

Pearl Extract
Nourishing / Enhancement of skin cell renewal/ Skin protection from external harmful factors / Skin gloss/ Skin whitening / Mild scrubbing effect / Prevention of skin dryness

Lilium Candidum Flower extract: 
Highly effective for moisturizing skin and normalizing skin metabolism. 

Edelweiss flower extract: 
Effective for anti-oxidative activity, skin soothing and relief of skin irritation.

Allantoin : 
Promote regeneration of strong skin cells and affect vitalization of cells.

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