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Dry Patch Loose Powder
Dry Patch Loose Powder

Dry Patch Loose Powder

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Dry Patch Loose Powder for the eye area

•  instantly transforms the skin around the eyes thanks to reflective particles
•  fix the concealer applied under the eyes well
•  will not overload the delicate skin around the eyes due to the light texture
•  successfully masks dark circles, skin imperfections and mimic wrinkles
•  the smallest powder grinding makes it easy to apply and layer 
•  hyaluronic acid in the composition moisturizes, gives elasticity and stimulates the production of collagen, providing ease of application
•  ectoin included in the composition reduces oxidative damage to cells caused by UVA, UVB rays and blue light, strengthening the skin barrier
•  does not clog pores and wrinkles
•  does not sink into wrinkles around the eyes
•  can be applied both under the eyes and on the whole face

Recommendations for application:
•  Applying powder with fingertips is the best way for delicate skin around the eyes. Spread the powder with light patting movements.
•  applying powder with a sponge - often used when applying powder to concealer. A light, weightless layer of powder will remain on the skin, without overloading the skin.
•  applying powder with a soft brush for powdery textures - a few strokes of the brush and your coating will become matte and even smoother.

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