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Angel Dust Hualuronic Loose Powder
Angel Dust Hualuronic Loose Powder

Angel Dust Hualuronic Loose Powder

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Angel Dust Hualuronic moisturizing colorless powder with hyaluronic acid

•  creates the perfect facial tone 24/7
•  the smallest powder grinding ensures quick and comfortable application without loss of the product
•  hyaluronic acid in the composition retains water molecules, providing long-term care and hydration of the skin
•  suitable for normal, combination and oily skin
•  easy and even application of powder provides perfect alignment of the face tone
•  cleanses the pores of excessive oiliness, softens and polishes the skin
•  activates cellular renewal and helps to saturate skin cells with oxygen
•  the use of powder improves the complexion, increases skin elasticity, smooths fine wrinkles and slow down the aging process
•  has a bluer effect - instant correction of the color and relief of the face, blurring of defects, alignment and radiance
•  effective for enlarged pores, makes them almost invisible

Recommendations for application:
•  Shake the powder before use
•  take a little product on a fluffy brush or powder puff, shake the excess
•  apply to the face, paying special attention to areas that need more hydration, as well as to areas prone to oiliness
•  can be applied to the makeup base, as well as to the main foundation
•  layers easily, does not create a film and unevenness

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