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Insomnia Mister Tint shade 03
Insomnia Mister Tint shade 03

Insomnia Mister Tint shade 03

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INSOMNIA multi-use tint is able to replace some of your basic makeup tools: lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. The product is gently blended over the skin and gives a weightless but intense color that lasts up to 18 hours.

Why you'll love it:

- perfectly smooth silky matte finish;
- lightweight waterproof formula;
- soft and easy application without contour shading;
- secure closing;
- various tips & customization options

Instructions for use:

1. Turn the cap of the stick and remove it;
2. Turn the stick slightly to push the tint;
3. Apply the product on your lips or use over lipstick as the top - to create a more intense color;
4. You also can use the tint as blush: apply to the cheekbones on top of your makeup base;
5. The product can easily replace the eyeshadow: apply it on eyeshadow base or after eye cream.
6. After use turn the cap until it clicks to activate the Jumbo Twist lock system.

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