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Crackling Body Foam
Crackling Body Foam

Crackling Body Foam

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Crackling Body Foam is a moisturizing body mousse with lotus flower extract.
It is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and silky smooth without a greasy effect.
Continuing its long tradition Beautydrugs brand creates not only high quality products but also interesting catchy textures and properties.
Crackling Foam is comparable to a mechanical massage.
The microbursts emanating from the product as it is rubbed refresh the skin and allow the functional ingredients in the product to penetrate the epidermis faster.

* COCO-CAPRYLATE, an ester of coconut oil, is a 100% natural substitute for silicones and has a beneficial effect on the skin thanks to the beneficial substances and vitamins.
* STEARECH-21 - emulsifier - component for deep skin moisturizing with natural oils
* HEDROXYETHYLCELLULOSE -Hydroxyethylcellulose acts as emulsion stabilizer, film forming agent and viscosity increasing agent. Cotton derivative
* NELUMBIUM SPECIOSUM FLOWER EXTRACT - lotus extract is a premium ingredient that has a soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin.
It prevents signs of aging and fights negative environmental factors.

- Shake the can well before use.
- Spray product into the palm of your hand and apply to the skin.
- The circular movements of your hand will enhance the crackling effect of the emulsion technology and its microbursts will soothe your skin.

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