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Our new bestseller: Beautydrugs Electrum Gold Silver Toothpaste and Whyte Zyme Toothbrush

Our new bestseller: Beautydrugs Electrum Gold Silver Toothpaste and Whyte Zyme Toothbrush

Electrum Gold Silver Toothpaste

Everyone dreams of white and healthy teeth. However, we have to consult our dentists to make our dreams come true. 

Professional bleaching and cleansing does not always favorably affect the enamel and the gum, provoking increased sensitivity.

The proper toothpaste will help to achieve the desired effect with no harm to your teeth.
Electrum Gold Silver Toothpaste was tested by dentists.
It is proved that daily use of toothpaste by Beautydrugs allows solving a number of problems of the oral cavity.
To achieve maximum effect, we recommend using Electrum Gold Silver Toothpaste together with the toothbrush WHITE ZYME by Beautydrugs.

- Prevents dental caries; 
- Eliminates bad breath; 
- Keeps the mouth clean; prevents gum disease; 
- Prevents gingivitis and periodontitis (peridontoclasis); 
- Prevents periodontal disease; 
- Eliminates dental plague (anti-plague); 
- Keeps the mouth fresh; 
- Keeps the teeth white and healthy.

Whyte Zyme Toothbrush 

It is important for us that Beautydrugs customers always smile!
Meet the new product in the range of oral care products- WHITE ZYME tooth brush.

A poor-quality toothbrush can not only damage the enamel, but also injure the gum.
If you notice blood during a tooth brushing, food remnants, plaque or reaction to temperature and sweet, it's time to replace your old personal hygiene product!

The medium-hard toothbrush White Zyme is designed to maintain the health of the entire oral cavity and preserve the natural whiteness of your smile. 

It has been proved that ultrathin bristles with a content of gold nano particles have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

The ideal location of villi allows removing plaque between teeth and gums delicately penetrating deep into the most inaccessible "corners" of your teeth. 
You will no longer feel pain during tooth cleansing!

The toothbrush handle is made of environmentally friendly materials (PET).
A transparent gold color and a diamond-shaped design, creates a radiance and light glows- a stylish solution to every fancy. Is it possible not to love gold?

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