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New! Revolutionary Transforming Powder - Miracle Dust

New! Revolutionary Transforming Powder - Miracle Dust

Please welcome the new product in Beautydrugs treat line – Miracle Dust - transforming face powder with snap action
After the first application you will see that your skin is becoming more moisturized, smooth and radiant.

The vitamins are extremely sensitive to moisture and light. In most cases the manufacturers do not manage to keep the benefits of ingredients, and the cosmetics does not have the promised effect. We found the perfect formula in the form of powder and capsules which will provide moisture replenishment of the deep dermis.

The high content of Vitamin C helps to reduce UV skin damage. Thanks to the whitening effect the regular application of powder will allow you to forget about undesirable pigmentation forever.

The application of powder together with the moisturizing essence or ampoule of the niacinamide component whitens skin, improves the complexion and skin texture.

How to use:

• Put a small amount of powder on the palm and mix it with the essence

• Apply the mixture to your face and distribute it with massage motions using your finger pads

• Failing the essence or ampoule from the kit, you can use your favorite lotion or cream

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