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First impressions of Beautydrugs Scented Nail Polish

First impressions of Beautydrugs Scented Nail Polish

Recently our range of Beautydrugs products was extended by brand new nail polishes with very tasty names: Rose, Raspberry, Chocolate and others. All nail polishes have healthy 5-free formula and floral or gourmet scent which depends on color. Our unique formula reveals vivid scent after the applying and indicates that nail polish dried. And when after few days the scent is gone, it means that you have to re-apply your nail color.

Popular instagram blogger and author of blog, Christina Siritsa was between those who tested our new nail polishes first. Here's her impressions: "Every nail polish has its unique scent... but it's very tender and nice and without hint of acetone. Flat brush has even cut and thin enough... it's very convenient and I didn't need to correct the line near cuticle".

The full article you can read here (in Russian): Beautydrugs Scented Nail Polish — Rose, Chocolate, raspberry.

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Photo from blog Kristina Siritsa Nails

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