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Beautydrugs Scincare - new products are available

Beautydrugs Scincare - new products are available

Please welcome the new product in the Beautydrugs Skin Care line – Collagen Cream Intensive Firming!

Thanks to its unique rich composition INTENSIVE FIRMING cream takes care of your skin, making it perfect and healthy, both outside and inside! 
Adenosine affects the function of intracellular nutrition, which supports the creation of a collagenous framework and prevents the sagging of the dermis. 
Another component, niacinamide, with a brilliant whitening effect, helps keep the skin smooth and clean. 
Extracts of berries deeply moisturize the skin and the peptide content is effective in strengthening the protective barrier and increasing the elasticity. 
The cream with hydrolyzed collagen INTENSIVE FIRMING is an irreplaceable tool in daily skin care of the face at any age, regardless of its type.

Beautydrugs care collection was increased with another novelty - organic FLOWER FOAM CLEANSER.

It has been proven that the purification process is the most important in daily skin care routine. 
FLOWER FOAM CLEANSER consists of natural ingredients, due to which it delicately cleanses the skin and helps it to recover from the harmful effects of the environment. 
The texture of this product does not injure the dermis, it does not cause irritation or dryness. 
A rich composition helps not only to remove impurities, but also has a beneficial effect on the complexion and condition of the skin. 
Due to beeswax in ingredients range this foam narrows the pores; extracts of aloe, quillia and embolic have an anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effect. 
Oils of citrus - orange, bergamot and lemon, saturate your skin with vitamins. 
Oils of floral - geranium, rose, lilac, daisy, chrysanthemum and lotus make the skin smooth and radiant, deeply moisturize, speed up the regeneration process. 
A valuable component - an extract of white lily smooths complexion, whitens pigmentation, has antiseptic and wound healing properties, prevents the development of couperose. 
FLOWER FOAM CLEANSER leaves a feeling of softness and freshness on the skin for a long time.

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