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Beautydrugs in Japan and Europe!

Internalional bloggers love Beautydrugs brand as much as Russian.
There's no borders for beauty and our creative ideas.

Galina Sadovenko (aka @yagala) - Japan, well-known nailpolish maniac, 1,4 million fans worldwide

"I'm wearing beautiful scented nail polish from @beautydrugs_net Smells like fresh raspberry, the smell is not too strong, definitely my fav scented nail polish Big5free formula And I love the name Beauty Drugs lol"

BeautyDrugs Nail Polish

Regina (aka @reginainneverland) - Italian beauty blogger, makeup artist and trainer.

Absolutely perfect way to finish my day... Directly from my fridge my@beautydrugs_net eye patches Black&Goldy! Tomorrow morning my eye area will be soft and super fresh!@parfumselective

BeautyDrugs BlackAndGoldy

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