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Hyaluronic serum Beauty Drops
Hyaluronic serum Beauty Drops

Hyaluronic serum Beauty Drops

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Beauty Drops Serum.

Maximum of hydration and radiance!
80% of the hyaluronic concentrate.

Tired of dry and dull skin? Looking for a sos-agent that provides maximum hydration, shine and elasticity? 
Now we have a solution to all the problems at once!

The gel-like substance is quickly absorbed without making your skin greasy or sticky. 
Our serum normalizes a skin water balance, increasing its elasticity, giving a healthy radiant tone.

Apply the serum to the cleansed face with soft patting movements.
2-3 drops of the product are sufficient for optimal moisturizing of your skin.

Wait until completely absorbed. Serum can be used separately or in combination with your basic care.
You can use it as a foundation for makeup.

This product is suitable for vegans and is not tested on animals.

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